Best UV Water Purifiers

Aquaz UV Water Purifiers come with the best 3-stage treatment technology which removes even the sub-micron dissolved impurities. If you are experiencing any foul smell in your drinking water, this is the best solution to deal with the problem. It removes bad smells along with removing the bad particles in water.

Why Use UV Water Purifiers?

UV water purifiers are best suited for municipal water. Municipal supplied water has this persistent problem of organic impurities. Consumption of such water often leads to stomach problems and serious intestinal issues. The presence of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microbes can damage your internal system as well as vital organs. Aquaz offers the Best UV Water Purifier for Home to deal with the dissolved organic impurities in water and cleans it perfectly to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Some of the major advantages of UV Water Purifier for Home are given as follows

Product Features

Double Purification Process

The purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill the bacteria, viruses, cysts and other microbes present in water. The dead organisms are separated from the water by the built-in UF membrane, thus, providing clean and pure drinking water.

Built-in Activated Carbon Pre-filter

Activated carbon pre-filter removes the foul smell from the water. It also eliminates the bad water taste and gives you the feeling of complete freshness in every sip.

High Purification Capacity

The purifier is designed for fast purification of water with a purification capacity of 60L/hour, thus, making it an ideal choice for quick water dispensing needs.

Good Storage Capacity

With 12 liters of storage tank, you will never run out of water. The high capacity tank ensures that you are never short of drinking water even during moderate power cuts.

Transparent Tank

Transparent tank ensures that the water level is always monitored even from a fair distance. Additionally, the tank is detachable which enables cleaning convenient as and when needed.

Computer-Controlled Operation

The purifier features computer-controlled operations, such as UV Fail Alarm. The alarm sends a signal when the UV lamp becomes dysfunctional.



12.00 liters

Included Components

All Accessories Safely put in of water storage tank (Pre Filter, Spun Filter, 3 Meter Pipe, D.v Set,)

Installation Type

Wall Mount or countertop



Number of Items


Purification Method

Reverse Osmosis



Power Source Type


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