Market Prospects of RO Water Purifier Accessories in India

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Water Purifier Accessories playes important role and safe drinking water is a basic necessity that every individual deserves. However, due to population increase, industrialization, urbanization, rapid increase in the number of automobiles plying on roads everywhere, and various other factors have contributed to the contamination of water sources. This is more or less the problem in all parts of the world with the only difference being variation in the severity of contamination.

In this grim situation, reverse osmosis or RO water purification technology is ensuring the availability of pure drinking water. The emergence of RO as a viable solution to deal with contamination of water has also boosted the RO water purifier accessories market.

As per a report published by Statista, the market for water purifiers in India stands at 1.04 billion US Dollars. This is expected to increase to 3.7 billion US Dollars by 2029. Out of this market share, RO technology generates more than one-third of the market revenue. The increasing market share of RO is ultimately the RO water purifier accessories market.

RO technology has been developed to enhance the water purification capability of purifiers. This is a trusted technology that ensures 100% elimination of unwanted impurities present in water. Unlike other purification systems that are capable of only removing one or the other type of impurity, RO water purifier eliminates most types of impurities to make water safe for drinking.

The technology is calibrated to remove physical, chemical as well as biological impurities. Therefore, it is a complete system in itself, unlike other systems which are capable of removing only one type of impurity. Due to its complex purification system, it is fitted with various types of accessories to keep it up and running.

The accessories for RO water purifiers play a crucial part in maintaining efficiency in purifying water. Therefore, their proper upkeep and timely replacement are important. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories used in RO water purifiers, below:

RO Water Purifier Accessories

  • RO Membrane – RO membrane is one of the most important accessories in RO water purifiers. The membrane ensures the reverse osmosis of water to block the impurities and provide pure water molecules. For its optimum work function, periodical replacement is necessary.
  • Carbon Filter – RO water purifiers also contain carbon filters that contain activated carbon for filtering impurities. This filter eliminates more easily preventable impurities to make water quality better before undergoing the reverse osmosis process. In this way, the membrane cartridge’s life is enhanced as it will receive less contaminated water and will experience low purification stress.
  • RO Mineral Cartridge – This cartridge is also called an alkaline filter. It is installed after the RO membrane filter to provide a good taste to water. This filter helps in making water healthy to drink by increasing the pH value to above 7. It also facilitates the retention of biominerals in drinking water. This cartridge is designed to fit inside most of the major brands of RO water purifiers.
  • TDS Controller – TDS or total dissolved solids present in water can be measured with the help of a TDS meter. The TDS level could be regulated with the help of a TDS controller. While installing the RO water purifier, the technician checks the RO water purifier TDS level and sets the TDS controller at a viable range. Setting the controller to a very low level causes the removal of all the healthy minerals in the water, thus, making the water plain and without any health benefits. That is the reason experts advise keeping the TDS level to a recommended one. With the view to maintaining a recommended TDS level, you should choose an RO water purifier with a TDS controller.
  • Storage Tank – RO water purifiers come with a built-in storage tank to store the purified water. Once all the stages of purification are complete, the water is finally stored in the storage tank for drinking or cooking purposes.

While knowing about the functions of different RO water purifier accessories is important, it is equally important to know the RO water purifier dealers present in one’s location for sourcing accessories.

If you are looking forward to contacting a dealer nearby, you can simply type ‘RO water purifier dealers near me’ in Google or other search engines. After pressing the search button, you will get a list of the dealers near your area from where you can source the accessories for RO water purifiers.

Those who are engaged in the wholesale business of parts of RO water purifiers can search for the availability of spare parts in their local areas. The best way to know about the wholesalers in the local areas is to type ‘RO water purifier spare parts wholesale’ in Google or other search engines. You will get a plethora of suggestions in nearby areas or at a more distant place.

On the search page, you can check relevant information, such as the address of wholesalers, contact number, website, or directions on a map to reach the destination.

Due to enhanced awareness among the masses about the need to drink clean water, authorities are becoming more conscious about the need to arrange clean drinking water outlets in public places. Because of this generational shift, RO water purifier machines are being installed in public places to enable the availability of pure drinking water to the masses.

RO Technology: A Rapidly Increasing Water Purifier Segment

RO technology has been growing consistently over the years. It is expected to increase more rapidly in the future as more and more people are becoming health conscious and choosing RO technology as a viable solution for their drinking water needs. The growth of RO technology will inevitably increase RO water purifier accessories demand all over India.

It is, in fact, a rapidly growing RO market segment that is expected to attract more investment opportunities as well as the need for innovation in the field. Indeed, we are looking at a future that will be ever more characterized by the introduction of ultra-modern technology and more efficient purification of drinking water.


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