RO Water Purifiers

Why Use RO Water Purifiers?

Yours and your family’s health is the most important thing that you would not be ready to compromise with. Drinking pure and uncontaminated water is one crucial requirement for ensuring that nobody at home contracts diseases, such as Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, Jaundice, Dysentery or Cholera. All these diseases are water-borne and cause due to various types of impurities present in water. RO for Water Purifier ensure that you consume pure water as millions in India and across the globe experience stomach diseases due to drinking contaminated water. 

Escalation of Dissolved Impurities

Water has indeed become a precious commodity today as sources of clean water are diminishing due to rampant industrial and construction activities. Several types of contamination and impurities are affecting the purity of water, and leading to continuous escalation of dissolved impurities.

Chemicals in river water

Rivers are one of the worst to suffer the negative impact of industrialization. Rivers across countries have literally turned into big drains carrying all the filth, much worse, the chemicals, industrial effluents and sludge. All these in turn, affect the surrounding groundwater sources and contaminate water.

Groundwater Contamination

Due to industries and factories in close proximity, groundwater is continuously getting contaminated with insecticides, pesticides, and harmful chemicals, like lead, fluoride and arsenic.

Pipeline rusting

Municipal pipeline rusting is a common problem. Due to lack of maintenance and laxity on the part of municipal staff, supplied water is often contaminated with rust and other impurities.

Given all these different manifestations of contaminants in water, it is imperative to use RO Water Purifiers to remove different kinds of dissolved impurities in water. That is the reason we recommend Aquaz RO Water Purifier in India that have been designed to isolate all the dissolved impurities and organic contaminants to provide you 100% clean and pure drinking water.

Our RO Water Purifiers are well-received in India with an ever-growing list of customers who bank on this product for their water purifying needs. Choose this cost-effective solution featuring the latest RO water purifying technology. Suitable for both homes and offices, the Aquaz RO Water Purifiers come with notable advantages:

Product Features

Removes Impurities and Hardness

It removes all the suspended impurities, such as chemicals, rust, pesticides, arsenic and fluorides in water. The highly efficient RO membrane filters all the dissolved particles and provides 100% pure and clean drinking water.

Retains Essential Minerals

It comes with a TDS control valve to maintain the desired TDS level in water. Thus, it enables retention of essential minerals in water.

Multiple Purification Process

It features multiple purification processes of RO+UV+UF+TDS control making water 100% pure and ideal for consumption.

High Purification and Storage Capacity

It enables fast purification of water of up to 20L/hr. It also has a 12L storage tank which is sufficient enough to meet the clean water drinking needs even during power cuts.

Zero Water Wastage

The RO purifier is equipped with a pump that re-circulates the rejected water to the overhead tank. Using this technology, the purifier assures zero water wastage during the purification process.

1 Year Warranty

Aquaz purifiers come with a 1 year warranty. Aquaz also offers 3 Years Extended Free Service after the expiration of warranty period to assure peace of mind to users in addition to the continued availability of 100% pure drinking water.



12.00 liters

Included Components

All Accessories Safely put in of water storage tank (Pre Filter, Spun Filter, 3 Meter Pipe, D.v Set,)

Installation Type

Wall Mount



Number of Items


Purification Method

Reverse Osmosis

Special Features

RO + UF + UV + TDS Control

Power Source Type


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