Ultraviolet Purification Technology

Water can often be contaminated by microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, microbes, and organic materials. Ultraviolet Purification Technology works exceptionally well in neutralizing these impurities in water. It uses ultraviolet light to kill the microorganisms present in the water.

It works in the similar way as boiling of water but with great speed and efficiency. This technology often combines with RO technology to remove all kinds of impurities, whether it is organic or solid dissolved impurities.

The UV technology is normally combined with other kinds of filtration processes such as activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis filtration. UV water purifiers are simple to install and easy to operate. The purification is very quick while expelling less waste water during the process.

Why Use Ultraviolet Purification Technology?

Water purifiers based on UV technology removes all kinds of organic impurities, like bacteria, viruses, cysts and microbes. UV technology does not allow viruses or bacteria to reproduce and proliferate and hence, the existing microorganisms die and consequently are removed from the water.

Aquaz UV water purifier works on the principle of terminating the proliferation of microorganisms and making the water perfectly fit for drinking. Some of the advantages of UV technology are:

Product Features

Double Purification Technology

This technology works on the principle of boiling of water for 20 minutes. It gives the same purification in seconds. Ultraviolet light in the purifier kills the bacteria, cysts and viruses, and removes them from the system using UF membrane.

Equipped with Activated Carbon pre-filter

The activated carbon pre-filter in the UV purifiers removes the bad smell and taste of water, and provides you with pure and refreshing drinking water.

High Storage and Purification

High purification speed (60L/hr/) is one of the most remarkable aspects of UV water purifiers. Moreover, a high storage capacity (12L) keeps your drinking water needs fulfilled even during electricity cuts.

Transparent Detachable Tank

The transparent tank helps you keep track of the water levels all the time while its detachability allows you to clean it periodically in a very convenient manner.

Computer-controlled operation

It is equipped with a computer-controlled alarm system that reminds you to replace the UV lamp once it becomes ineffective.

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