What is an Alkaline Water Filter?

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If you want the finest drinking water possible, you should consider including an alkaline water filter in your home or workplace water treatment system. Confused, what is an alkaline water filter?

According to some studies, alkaline water is one of the most significant drinking waters and might even be of higher quality than pricey, bottled water. This type of water filter, also known as an ionized water filter, works by causing a chemical shift in the water. Such a filter distinguishes between two kinds of water: alkaline water and acidic water. We will look at the history, advantages and importance of alkaline water in this guide.

What does an Alkaline Water Purifier do?

This equipment can create alkaline water from conventional tap water. It implies that it, like other cleaning agents, cleanses the water and eliminates dangerous chemicals. It may also modify the pH of the water to suit the user’s preferences. A water alkalizer or ionizer neutralizes toxic acids. They raise Ph, making your body healthier and more robust.

The History of Alkaline Water Filter

Popular alkaline ionized water softeners protect health. Few know the alkaline water history. A Romanian scientist discovered alkaline ionized water in 100-years-old communities around 1930. He replicated the Hunza people (Hunza valley in the Himalayas, Pakistan) naturally electrified water effect.

Japan pioneered alkaline ionized water filters till 1931. Dr. Machisue Suwa of Japan studied Dr. Henri Coanda’s efforts to create high-pH alkaline water.

Japan created the first electrolytic water generator in 1952

Dr. Machisue Suwa studied alkaline water’s impact on plants and animals using water and electricity. After examining alkaline water’s qualities, they created the first gadget in 1952. Alkaline ionized water was originally called Synnohl liquid.

Dr. Machisue Suwa and Professor Akiba repeated the experiment at the University of Tokyo. Synnohl invented an electric paddy farmer in 1954. “Synnohl agricultural technology” was its name at the time

1965: Japan classifies electrolyte water as a domestic medicinal item, extending its usage

Between 1962 and 1965, this gadget was authorized as medical equipment for generating alkaline ionized water. In 1965, the Japanese Ministry of Health recommended alkaline ionized water to prevent and cure sickness.

The Japanese Ministry of Health researched alkaline electrolyte water’s advantages in 1992

Since the Japanese Ministry of Health accepted alkaline water, opinions have altered. Alkaline ionized water cleaners are popular in Japan. Therefore, the National Consumer Affairs Center became suspicious. Health and Welfare of the people require a study on alkaline ionized water’s quality, efficacy, and safety.

In 1993, Kyoto University’s Professor Itokawa started researching alkaline ionized drinking water’s safety and advantages. 1994’s Evaluation Committee validated alkaline ionized water’s safety.

High-quality alkaline ionized water purifiers

Alkaline ionized water purifiers are effective, although weren’t widely used until 2004. Professor Ohta’s 2007 study on hydrogen’s health benefits demonstrates that it eliminates free radicals and antioxidants in alkaline water.

Then, scientists looked at water purifiers that use ionized alkaline water. In 2007, there was a review of alkaline ionized water with active hydrogen. The goal of hydrogen-rich alkalinity is to make people healthier.

Beginning of hydrogen-rich products and current electrolytes: Ion H2O Filter

Over one million alkaline ionized water filters are made and delivered annually to 180 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Italy. Alkaline ionized water cleansers provide clean water for daily use.

Is alkaline water purifier good?

Certainly yes! Balanced pH may assist your health. Many recommend alkaline water for this reason. Alkaline water neutralizes the acid in normal water. Our tap water is very acidic, which may cause various health concerns. While it is essential to drink clean water to avoid sickness, you should also check the pH level. Alkaline water filters balance the pH level in the water, making it safe to drink.

To get the most outstanding overall results, employ an alkaline water filter as part of a multi-component water purification system that removes unwanted pollutants and microbiological microorganisms from your drinking water supply.

Which is the best alkaline water purifier?

Because most meals and beverages are very acidic, our bodies attempt to counteract acidity by drawing on our natural alkaline reserves, which may harm our health. We’ve listed the best alkaline water purifier in India to help you balance acidity and provide healthy drinking water.

RO Water Purifier by Aquaz

If you ask us which is the best alkaline water filter available in the market we would suggest you to go with Aquaz water purifiers. It is the guardian of your family’s health. Water-borne infections affect around 38 million Indians. Diarrhea alone kills almost 1.5 million children. Water purifiers provide clean drinking water, protecting against illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, and dysentery.


  • RO water purifiers eliminate bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other dissolved impurities. The cleaners also remove fluorides and pesticides.
  • The RO water purification process is followed by UV and UF purification. Microorganisms, pesticides, and other dissolved pollutants are removed during purification. It makes the water completely clean and safe to drink.

Vital Statistics on a Digital Display

Smart RO Purifiers have a Digital Display that displays the water purity level and crucial statistics such as filter life, purified water quality, and RO flow rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink alkaline water every day?

A bottle of alkaline water every other day will not affect your body. If you drink a gallon of alkaline water every day, your body needs to work harder to maintain its pH, which means your body will create more gastric juices and digestive enzymes over time.

Are alkaline water filters safe?

If you want pure drinking water possible, you should consider including an alkaline water filter in your home or workplace water treatment system. According to studies, alkaline water is one of the most significant drinking waters and might even be of higher quality than pricey, bottled water.

Who should not drink alkaline water?

Alkaline water may significantly impair nutritional absorption, resulting in dyspepsia and malnutrition. People over 60 are at the most significant risk and should avoid drinking alkaline water. Doctors refer to digestive issues caused by excessive alkaline water drinking as milk-alkali syndrome.


Drinking alkaline water has various advantages. Given the benefits of alkaline water, it is recommended that you use the most exemplary alkaline water filter that complements your water purifiers. You may bring home such water purifiers, which have a large capacity while also providing safe, clean, and germ-free water. If you have more queries related to “what is an alkaline water filter” comment below.


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